Repairing Common Types Of Car Body Damage

Auto body damage has the ability to ruin the appearance of your vehicle while also potentially contributing to structural issues for the vehicle. Being able to effectively repair the damage that occurs to your car's body will be essential to maintaining the vehicle, and there are a handful of problems that can be especially common.


Scuffing of the exterior paint of the vehicle can occur for many different reasons. For example, many individuals may not realize that they may be contributing to the scuffing problem by using abrasive clothes when they are cleaning the vehicle. Scuffing of the exterior paint can be a long-lasting problem that can worsen over time due to the fact that the scuff marks can weaken the protection that the exterior paint offers. Fortunately, you can have minor scuffing repaired fairly easily, as there will be car body repair services that can patch the scuff marks so that the appearance of the paint will be restored, and this will close the small openings that could allow water to seep under the paint.

Door Replacement

The door of your vehicle can be one of the components that is the most likely to suffer body damage. Whether this is due to opening the door and striking an object or a collision with another vehicle, it is possible for the door of the vehicle to suffer extensive exterior body damage while still remaining functional.  Unfortunately, it is possible for this damage to be severe enough to not be repairable. In these situations, you may want to have the door replaced in order to restore the appearance of the vehicle. While this may seem like it will be an extremely difficult repair to make, most auto body repair providers will be able to replace the door of your vehicle fairly quickly once they have the parts. However, it can take several days or longer for the replacement door to be shipped to the repair center. As a result, you may want to coordinate with these services as to when you bring your vehicle in for the replacement to be done.

Hail Impact Damage

Hail can be one of the most common causes of extensive body damage to a vehicle. Luckily, a car body repair center will be able to remove these dents from the exterior of the vehicle. In situations where the hail did not cause damage to the paint, paintless dent repair can be the most efficient way of restoring the appearance of the car's body. If this is not an option for the vehicle, it is possible to use body filler to smooth out the dents that were left in the vehicle.