Save Money On Your Next Car Repair With These Tips

No one likes having to deal with an unexpected car repair. Not only is this going to cost you money, it also might keep you off of the road for a little while, meaning you won't be able to get to work, school, or anywhere else you need to go. Getting the car repaired quickly is important to you but at the same time, you don't want to drain your emergency funds just to get back on the road quickly. If you need professional car repair but want to try and save a few bucks, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Check Your Warranties

If you purchased the car within the last three to five years, you might still be under warranty for your repair. Some specific parts might even have a warranty that lasts longer than five years. If the car isn't super old, pull out your old paperwork and check to see if you are eligible. Your official dealership might be able to provide service for free, but make sure you know what you are getting before you walk in.

Find a Reputable Local Repair Shop Instead of Going to Your Official Dealership If You Are Not Under Warranty

If you've done your research and know the car is out of warranty, you might be thinking of just taking it to the dealership anyway because you want it done fast. But an official dealership typically charges higher prices for both parts and sometimes labor than a local auto repair shop that services all types of cars. Do a little bit of additional research and you can likely find a local repair shop that will provide quick and professional service and get you back on the road in a respectable amount of time, all while charging you less than the official dealership.

Order the Parts Yourself and Take Them to the Repair Shop for the Labor

If you want to save even more money on your car repair, you might consider figuring out which parts you need to repair it and then ordering those parts yourself instead of going through the repair shop. You could, for example, find parts at the local salvage yard or find used parts online and then take the parts to the auto mechanic. This way, you'll save at least some cash and only have to pay the repair shop for the labor charges. Some auto repair shops may even have connections at the local salvage yard, so you could try letting the mechanic know you want to go this route before you start ordering things yourself.

Contact a local auto body repair shop to learn more.