Important Tips To Remember Following Your Auto Windshield Replacement

Having to get a windshield fully replaced on your vehicle is of course not cheap, and you will want to take steps to make sure this investment holds up in the years to come. One of the most critical points in time for this new installation is in the first few days after it is put into place. Here are some tips to make sure your new windshield settles in for the long haul in order to avoid additional issues in the future.

No Car Covers or Sun Shades

One of the most important things to remember when your windshield is first installed is that you don't want to put any unnecessary pressure on it from either side. A car cover or a sun shade might not seem like all that much weight, but even a little bit of weight can cause the still delicate glass to shift or not settle in properly. Park your car in the garage or under a tree if you want to avoid the sun in the meantime. You should also avoid putting any windshield mounts, like for your cellphone or a GPS, back into place for the same time period.

Let Some Air In to Remove Some Pressure

When all of the windows on your car are closed or rolled all the way up, the air pressure inside the cabin is higher. Even air pressure can be bad for a settling windshield. Crack a window open just a touch to let some of that pressure escape and your new windshield will benefit from it. Just keep an eye on the weather of course so you don't have rain getting into your car. 

Avoid the Car Wash and the Rain

Speaking of rain, you also will want to make sure your car is protected from any inclement weather such as a thunderstorm or heavy snow. Heavy rain or a build-up of snow will put pressure and weight onto your windshield, perhaps even more so than a car cover. With that in mind, you should also be sure to avoid the car wash for the same reasons.

Talk to Your Auto Glass Replacement Specialist for More Tips

Your local auto glass specialist should be able to offer some additional best practices based on the specific work you've had done. But in general, try and keep your vehicle off the road and under shelter for a few days after your auto glass replacement until things settle into place.

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