5 Tips For Caring For Your Vehicle Wrap In Hot Weather

A vehicle wrap is a good way to give your vehicle a new look or to advertise your business. If you take care of the wrap, it can last several years. However, it is possible to scratch or lift your vehicle wrap away from the vehicle when you are washing it. During extremely hot weather, the vehicle wrap is more susceptible to warping and wrinkling because the heat can affect the vinyl and adhesives used. However, there are some ways that you can protect your car in hot weather.  

Regularly Hand Wash Your Vehicle 

The best way to care for a wrapped vehicle is to hand wash it whenever there is a buildup of pollutants, grime, or dirt. You should use a soft sponge and vehicle soap to wash your car, and you should rinse and dry it thoroughly when you are done. This prevents the pollutants from eating away at the vinyl wrap over time. 

How often you need to wash your vehicle depends on where you live. You should wash it whenever you start to see a buildup on your vehicle. In most cities, this is about once a week. However, if you live in the desert, where there is often dust, or in a large city, you may need to wash your vehicle multiple times a week. 

While you can take your car in an automatic car wash, you should make sure it is a brushless wash to avoid tugging at your vehicle wrap. You should also make sure that the car wash does not use extremely hot water, which can warp your vinyl. 

Rinse Your Vehicle With Cool Water 

On very hot days, you may want to simply rinse your vehicle with cool water during the hottest part of the day. This can prevent wrinkling and rippling of your vinyl due to extreme heat. It also gets rid of some of the pollutants on your vehicle, which can help protect your vehicle wrap until the next time you get to wash it. 

Avoid Rubbing or Washing Your Vehicle On Hot Days 

While washing your vehicle is good for the wrap, you should try to wash your vehicle when the weather is cool. For example, you can wash your car during the morning, before the weather heats up, or on a cloudy day when the weather is a bit cooler. If you notice a section of your vehicle that needs spot cleaning, avoid rubbing it until the temperature has dropped slightly during the evening.  

Store Your Vehicle Away From Direct Sunlight 

UV light can cause some vehicle wraps to fade, and being in direct sunlight can increase the surface temperature of your vehicle. This can make your vinyl wrap more susceptible to being pulled up if it is rubbed or scratched. To avoid this, try to park your vehicle in the shade on hot days. Parking in a garage or using a cover are also great ways to protect your vehicle from direct sunlight. 

Select a High-Quality Vehicle Wrap 

There are two main types of vinyl wraps. Cast vinyl tends to be more flexible while calendared vinyl tends to be less expensive but more rigid. If you live in an area with hot summers, you should opt for cast vinyl. You may also want to get vinyl with special UV and heat-resistant coating to make your wrap last longer. 

If you live in an area with a hot summer, it is important that you go to an experienced professional to have your vinyl car wrap made and placed. They will have the experience to help you select the proper vinyl and tell you how to care for your vehicle throughout the summer.