New Fleet Businesses: Four Types Of Services Ideal For Keeping Vehicles Running

When you're establishing a new business, it's important to have a reliable fleet of commercial vehicles that can operate on the road and stick to specific schedules. As you set out to purchase your vehicles, it's also important to establish a working relationship with commercial fleet repair companies. These companies can provide you with services that will keep your vehicles properly maintained and operating on the road as much as possible. There are four specific types of services that you can set up with a commercial fleet repair company. Each of these services can help with the initial purchase and extended use of the vehicle. Understanding the details of each service will help you have the reassurance that your company can get off to the right start and thrive while traveling on the road.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Before you even complete the purchase of on-road vehicles, it's important to have an inspection completed by a commercial fleet expert. This is especially true if you are purchasing used fleet vehicles. During the inspection process, a commercial repair technician will examine the tires, brakes, and general operation functions of the vehicle. The technician will then let you know whether the vehicle requires any repairs. If this is the case, then you can receive estimated repair costs to see if the vehicle is still worth purchasing. If it is not, then you can continue to search for an affordable vehicle that does not need so many repairs. The inspections will typically come with fully detailed reports so you have records of the problems and can ask the seller to fix them before the purchase is completed.

Roadside Service Contracts

Getting stranded on the side of the road will not only leave your driver all alone, but it can take away from valuable business time. Setting up preventive measures to help with these situations will make the whole process a lot easier to handle. One of the more ideal preventative measures that you can set up is a roadside service contract. With this contract in place, a repair technician can offer roadside assistance after a vehicle has malfunctioned or broken down. The service contract can help eliminate a lot of the paperwork and allow the repairs to get started quickly. Along with roadside repairs, the service contract may also include towing services back to your company or the repair service center.

Tire Services

A vehicle can only travel as well as the tires that it rolls on. Tire maintenance is an important part of your fleet, especially when vehicles are driven for several hours every day. An automated tire service can help plan out rotations, tire inspections, and tire replacements due to wear or the change of seasons. Many commercial fleet services offer nitrogen tire fill services. Nitrogen has several advantages over using standard air in tires. This includes a stable tire pressure and less wear on the rubber over long periods of time. By tracking mileage and reporting it to service companies, you can receive alerts on when tires should be rotated and properly inspected.

Repair Warranties

As you start out your business, there are no guarantees. This is why it's important to have safeguards set in place to help protect your fleet. Any time a repair is completed on your vehicle, you should have a warranty applied to it. There are two different ways that the warranties can be applied. The first option is based off mileage. If the repair fails before a specific mileage is reached, then you can be refunded or have the repair completed again. The second option is based off time. For example, a warranty may cover the repairs for six months. Some service companies may offer both options, with the warranty expiring at whatever point comes sooner.

By learning about these options, you can ensure that your fleet runs smoothly and your business gets off to a great start.