Options For Changing Your Car’s Exterior

The outside of your vehicle can feel very personal, as it is displayed to the public every time you drive around in your car. If you feel like making some changes to the exterior of your car, there are a few different options for dramatically changing the look of the vehicle. 


Painting a vehicle is one way to give it a fresh start. Certain colors can add value to the vehicle, especially if your current car color is not one of the more popular options. But if you are able to paint your car in a color that the manufacturer doesn't typically offer, that is one surefire way to set your particular vehicle apart. 

Painting the car at an auto body shop can happen in a few ways. There is the typical spray-on paint that you might expect. But there is also the option for powder coating the vehicle, which is a more affordable option to look into. 


Aside from painting the entire car, you can add style to a portion of the car through the use of custom graphics. Flames, stripes, and words are some of the choices you have when it comes to decorating your vehicle. These are applied by an auto body shop to be compatible with your existing paint job, so as not to chip away the paint. 


A more subtle change is the use of an auto grille at the front of the vehicle. This is a cosmetic change, but it can also be a cost-saving change if you get a grille that conserves heat or helps with climate control. Options exist for adding manufacturer grilles or looking at aftermarket parts. 

Window Tinting

One final option for today is window tinting. This is a great complement to a new coat of paint. Tinting is added to bring more privacy to your vehicle or add additional style. And you have a lot of choices with how dark you want the window to be, and which windows you want to add tinting to. 

If you are ready to make a change to your vehicle, maybe you should bring your car over to an auto body shop. They can suggest upgrades that would go nicely with your vehicle, based on the type of car and also what others have had done to their vehicles. Even on a budget, there are several things you can probably do to change your car's look. For more information, contact companies like Crossroads Collision Center.