Warning Signs That You Need Car Brake Service

When was the last time you thought about your brakes? It's likely not something you consider every day, but it's something that you should consider regularly. Understanding when it's time to seek out car brake service will help extend the life of your braking system. Your braking system is quite complex and has a plethora of moving pieces. This means that regularly scheduled brake servicing will help keep this complex system in good working order.

Your first line of defense against bad brakes is to keep your ears out for any strange noises that occur when you're braking. Have you heard a screeching sound when you pushed the brakes? This means that the small metal shim, which was designed as an early warning system, is letting you know that it's time to seek out car brake services to determine if you need new brake pads. One exception, however, is if your car has been sitting in rain or after being washed. The water can cause your brakes to make a similar sound as the warning system.  

If you suspect that your brake pads are wearing thin, look for wear on them by looking through the spokes in the wheel. The outside pad is nestled against the rotor. You should see at least a quarter of an inch of the pad. If you see less, then you should see about replacing your brake pads.

There are other signs that you may need car braking services. One big sign to pay attention to is if your brakes become less responsive or that the pedals sink more down into the floor. Less responsive brakes can be a result of numerous issues in your braking system, such as an air leak or fluid leak.

Another warning sign to pay attention to is if your brakes are pulling to one side or another while you brake. This behavior indicates that the brake linings are wearing thin unevenly. It can also mean that there is something in the brake fluid. You might need to have the fluid drained and replaced, or you need a brake adjustment.

Your ears are one of the best tools in your arsenal for determining if you need brake services. Have you ever heard a loud grinding when you brake? This sound typically means that you have warn the pads down completely. It's absolutely time to seek car braking services if you hear this sound.  

For more tips on keeping your car's brakes in good repair, talk to shops like George's Eastside Shell.