When Hail Attacks Your Roof: What You Should Do

In a hailstorm, any part of a vehicle is at risk for damage. Yet the roof always seems to take the brunt of the trauma. If your car was recently caught in the middle of a storm, you know this information first hand. However, while your roof may look tragic now, there are things you can do to repair the damage.

Park in the Sun

After your car has been attacked by hail, the last thing you want to do is leave your car outside for mother nature to strike again. However, parking your vehicle outside during the day for a while might be able to help a little. Heat causes somewhat of an expanding effect for many surfaces, including metal. 

The idea behind parking in the sun is that the heat will cause the metal to expand. As a result of the expansion, the dent might pop up. Understand that parking in the sun will not repair your vehicle, but it can minimize the damage so that once you finally get your car into a repair shop, the repair process will be easier. 

Stay Away From Tutorials

The Internet is open and accessible to all. However, while this quality makes the internet great, the same condition also makes it dangerous. Make sure you don't look online to find a quick and easy tutorial on how to repair the hail damage to your car. 

Hail repair isn't something that a person wakes up doing; it's a process that takes skill and knowledge. When you take the matter into your own hands, you are more likely to cause more damage unnecessarily. Stay away from these tutorials if you want to protect your car. Remember, your roof is an integral part of your car's structure, so you don't want to cause any damage. 

Schedule an Appointment

Try to schedule an appointment with a repair technician as soon as possible. You don't want to wait around to have the hail damage repaired. Even minor hail damage to your roof can cause long-term issues. The greatest threat is that the hail may have penetrated your car's painted surface. 

If so, it's just a matter of time before rust becomes an issue. With rust, once it begins, it will quickly spread. Have your car repaired sooner rather than later. Additionally, if you wait too long and you file an insurance claim, the claim could be denied if the damage expanded because of your lack of attention to the matter. 

If your vehicle is damaged, you need a professional from a company like Corn Paintless Dent Repair. Make sure you move quickly to have your car repaired and to avoid long-term problems.