Benefits To Wrapping Your Commercial Vehicles

Fleet or commercial vehicles often have information about your company painted on them. The company name, logo and contact information can help promote your business, but putting that information on every vehicle in the fleet takes time and is sometimes hard to reproduce perfectly with paint. Wrapping your vehicles may be better, and it does offer you some benefits later.

Consistent Design and Lower Costs

The biggest reason to consider using a vinyl wrap on your fleet vehicles is that it is much easier to reproduce. The graphics on vinyl wraps are made on a computer, so the images are consistent and easy to reproduce. Even if the car or truck you need to wrap is a different style than most of your fleet, the graphics can be repositioned on the wrap so that there is little difference from car to car.

In many situations, this keeps the cost down because the wrap design is done once and saved. The design is then reused when you are ready to apply a wrap to another vehicle. For companies that use the same model for every vehicle in the fleet, the wrap is simple to print and apply over and over again.

Increased Resale Value

Applying a wrap to your fleet vehicles protects that original paint so that the car can be resold later at a higher price than if you had painted the car. Simply peel off the wrap to reveal the paint underneath. If the vehicle was wrapped as soon as you bought it, the paint might very well be in perfect condition under the wrap. 

If the maintenance on your fleet cars is kept up and the interior is in good shape, the car may bring a decent return to your business when you are ready to sell it. 

Buying or Leasing Vehicles

If every vehicle in your fleet is white but you are having a hard time finding a white car, wrapping the car allows you to buy whatever color car or truck that you want. Since the wrap is covering the paint, the base color is not relevant, and if you can find a deal on some cars that didn't sell well because of the color, you might be able to buy them cheap and wrap them. 

Wrapping also allows you to lease a vehicle for your fleet if needed because you don't need to worry about painting something you may have to return. In fact, when the lease is over, the condition of the exterior may be so much better than if it had not been wrapped that it may benefit you and protect you from fees for exterior damage to the vehicle.

To learn more, contact a commercial vehicle wrap supplier.