Repairing Your Car Following A Hailstorm

A hail storm can have the potential to cause extensive damage to your car. However, you might not be aware of the various ways that hail is capable of causing extensive auto damage. Being better aware of these potential damages can help you with being prepared for when this damage occurs to your car.

Body Dents

One of the most common and likely types of damage that your vehicle can experience following a hail storm will be extensive denting of its outer body. These dents can ruin the appearance of the vehicle, and they can also increase the drag the vehicle is creating as it moves through the air. There are a couple of different repair options for this type of body damage. For example, major dents may be addressed through the use of body filler. However, minor dents may be corrected through paintless dent repair solutions.

Chipped Paint

As the hailstones strike the exterior of the car, they can cause extensive damage to the paint in the form of chipping. These chips can expose the underlying metal to a much higher risk of corroding, which could be another significant concern. Repairing these chips may be done with a patch, but this will largely depend on the repairs being completed soon after the chip has formed. Once corrosion has started to develop, patching this damage may no longer be an option, and it will be far more difficult to effectively do.

Damaged Windshield

The windshield can be another part of the car that will be a common victim to hail damage. These impacts can chip, crack, and even shatter the windshield, which could make the vehicle unsafe to operate. Repairing these damages can be an urgent matter both due to the safety issues that they can create as well as a need to limit cracks or chips from growing. Unfortunately, it can be possible for you to need to have the windshield completely replaced, but patching the glass may be another viable option for minor windshield damages. A professional evaluation will allow you to learn more about the severity of the damage your car suffered and the options available for repairing it.

Following a major hailstorm, there is a high likelihood that your vehicle will need to undergo repairs for auto hail damage. By understanding the damages hail can cause to your car's paint, exterior body and windshield, you may be much less likely to make mistakes when responding to these particular vehicle damages.