3 Reasons To Repair A Dent In Your Car

No matter how cautious you are with your vehicle, you may eventually end up with some body damage due to a collision with another driver, debris on the road, or just someone carelessly opening their door into yours.

Vehicle dents may seem like simple cosmetic problems that don't really need to be repaired, but opting not to fix body damage can lead to larger problems down the road.

Paint Damage and Rust

One of the biggest reasons to repair a vehicle dent as soon as you can is the damage it can cause to the paint. Your car's paint job isn't just to keep it looking sharp. The paint protects the underlying metal from moisture and the elements to prevent deeper damage.

Many vehicle dents break the sealant or clear coat that is put over the paint. This leads to a dull patch in the paint that can wear away over time and expose the metal to rain, humidity, and road salt. This exposure leads to rust spots that weaken the metal and can even damage metal parts and cause the car to malfunction and be unsafe to drive.

While rust spots can be repaired by an experienced auto body technician, the process is often more expensive than having a simple small dent repaired.

Structural Issues

Vehicle bodies are carefully engineered to protect passengers and the inner components of the vehicle itself. Dents can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, even when they appear to be nothing more than an eyesore.

It's particularly important to have damage to the front and rear bumpers repaired so they can effectively protect the rest of the car in a collision. Damage and dents to quarter panels can hide underlying damage to the metal beneath that could lead to instability in a crash.

Resale Value

Unsightly dents and damage harm the resale value of your vehicle as well. A dent left unrepaired could mean hundreds or even thousands lost on the sale or trade-in value of your car.

The longer you wait to repair a dent, the more likely it is for the damage to get worse, which leads to a more involved and costly repair, so it's best to have it repaired as soon as possible after the damage.

Take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop for an estimate on dent repair. Choose a shop that is certified to make sure you're dealing with a business that has professional expertise in auto body repair.