5 Tips For Caring For Your Vehicle Wrap In Hot Weather

A vehicle wrap is a good way to give your vehicle a new look or to advertise your business. If you take care of the wrap, it can last several years. However, it is possible to scratch or lift your vehicle wrap away from the vehicle when you are washing it. During extremely hot weather, the vehicle wrap is more susceptible to warping and wrinkling because the heat can affect the vinyl and adhesives used. Read More 

3-Step Guide To Determining The Cause Of Clicking When Your Car Will Not Start

If your car will not start when you turn the ignition on, you may hear a clicking noise. If so, this sound could give you clues on what the problem is. Use the three-step guide below to determine the cause of your car's inability to start, as well as possible, simple solutions. Step 1:  Check Your Battery The first thing you should do is check the charge on your battery, especially if you hear a grinding noise either concurrent with or after the clicking noise begins. Read More 

3-Step Guide For Repairing Small Dents In Your RV’s Fiberglass Body

If you were recently involved in a minor collision with your RV, it may have small dents in the body. If so, you may have decided to try to fix the damage yourself. The three steps below will guide you through filling in the dent and covering it so it will be less noticeable, using supplies found in any hardware store, automotive store, or home improvement center. Step 1:  Fill The Underside With Spray Foam Insulation Read More