Did You Purchase A Previously Owned Vehicle For Your Teenager?

Were you lucky enough to buy a previously owned car from a friend or a family member? Maybe you test drove it and you realized it was in great running order.  However, maybe you also bought it with the realization that it was going to need some repairs. Perhaps the seller pointed out that a runaway grocery store cart hit the side of the car. Or, it might be that the car went through a serious sand storm and the paint job is in real need of attention. Read More 

3 Things That Can Cause Improper Vehicle Alignment

Motor vehicles serve a vital purpose in modern society. Most people can't imagine getting through the day without access to a car. The tires serve as the basic support for any vehicle, and the alignment of the vehicle's frame can affect tire stability. Routine alignments are needed to help ensure that your vehicle is capable of maintaining maximum stability at all times. A number of things can throw your vehicle out of kilter, so regular alignments should become a part of your maintenance routine. Read More 

Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Hailstorm

It's a terrible feeling to step outside in the wake of a major storm and find huge chunks of hail everywhere. Although larger hail can potentially do much more significant damage, it does not take much to put minor dents and dings into a car. In fact, hail the size of a quarter or even smaller can potentially result in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars' worth of damage. Once the storm has passed and it is safe to go outside, it is important to immediately check your car for damage, especially if you have comprehensive insurance and intended to file a claim for repairs. Read More 

When Hail Attacks Your Roof: What You Should Do

In a hailstorm, any part of a vehicle is at risk for damage. Yet the roof always seems to take the brunt of the trauma. If your car was recently caught in the middle of a storm, you know this information first hand. However, while your roof may look tragic now, there are things you can do to repair the damage. Park in the Sun After your car has been attacked by hail, the last thing you want to do is leave your car outside for mother nature to strike again. Read More 

Frequent Auto Body Damage Questions

The exterior of your car can be extremely vulnerable to suffering damage. When this part of the vehicle becomes compromised or damaged, it will likely require the services of a skilled automotive body technician to correct. Why Should You Spend The Money To Have Minor Auto Body Damages And Issues Repaired? It can be easy to assume that fairly minor damages to the exterior of a car will not need to be repaired. Read More