Repairing Common Types Of Car Body Damage

Auto body damage has the ability to ruin the appearance of your vehicle while also potentially contributing to structural issues for the vehicle. Being able to effectively repair the damage that occurs to your car's body will be essential to maintaining the vehicle, and there are a handful of problems that can be especially common. Scuffing Scuffing of the exterior paint of the vehicle can occur for many different reasons. For example, many individuals may not realize that they may be contributing to the scuffing problem by using abrasive clothes when they are cleaning the vehicle. Read More 

Benefits To Wrapping Your Commercial Vehicles

Fleet or commercial vehicles often have information about your company painted on them. The company name, logo and contact information can help promote your business, but putting that information on every vehicle in the fleet takes time and is sometimes hard to reproduce perfectly with paint. Wrapping your vehicles may be better, and it does offer you some benefits later. Consistent Design and Lower Costs The biggest reason to consider using a vinyl wrap on your fleet vehicles is that it is much easier to reproduce. Read More